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Life on Earth is an evolving wonder or tragedy depending on from what vantage point we view the setting. What we should also not forget is that what we observe around us all came into being by chance. Further, science suggests that chance is likewise the very foundation of everything that is taking place in the whole universe and most likely as well in other parallel universes beyond ours. As a consequence everything, including our bodily compositions and the ground beneath our feet, is in relatively unpredictable constant motion.

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The Organizational Sweet Spot


Publisher: Springer

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Hidden Assets


Publisher: Springer

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Unleashing Intellectual Capital


Publisher: Elsevier

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Engaging an Organization’s Informal Networks

Unless a business eliminates all people (it’s totally automated) it will ALWAYS have an informal self-organizing social system that will exert a tremendous amount of influence on its operations. So, one really has two choices: ignore such emergent networks and let them function clandestinely or develop an organizational context/ecology that will “influence” most of the informal networks to support the business’s goals and objectives.

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Can People Really be Managed?

2014 Outstanding Paper Winner for International Journal of Commerce and Management

The purpose of this paper is to present a general framework for the comprehension and advancement of sociocultural homeostasis (not to be confused with a steady state, but a dynamic constantly evolving process) in order to increase worker engagement, productivity and innovation within the enterprises.

The paper offers convincing evidence why certain organizations prosper while others falter depending on their knowledge and advancement of sociocultural homeostasis principles, and provides practical suggestions in how to move an organization from an environment of structure and compliance to one reliant on emergence and individual commitment.

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