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by Dr. Charles (Kalev) Ehin

“We Space” Theory

Charles (Kalev) Ehin, Ph.D.

What organization members

really see, hear, feel and believe!

“We Spaces” are “emergent” mutually rewarding and threat avoiding safe zones formed by the supportive relationships of two or more people. They allow members to interact with each other without bias and unwarranted expectations.

Today the lack of familiarity and importance of the basics of “human nature” is one of the biggest obstacles in increasing and maintaining high levels of organizational agility.

“We Spaces” have been a key feature of all social systems since the dawn of our species. We are members of countless “We Spaces” and their linkages throughout our lives. They are as critical to our survival as food and water. Without them we suffer from loneliness and depression.

“We Space” Theory offers alternatives for narrowing the performance hampering gap” between managerial “conscious” power to regulate behavior with the human “subconscious” drive for self-organization sustaining “The Management Paradox.”

Defying human nature with some of the “standard managerial practices” is comparable to swimming against a riptide in advancing Organizational Agility. 

There is nothing magical about “We Space” Theory. It’s all about harnessing the “positive hidden dynamics” of what makes us human. In “We Spaces” members develop “sell-motivated” objectives and tasks in the pursuit of common goals founded on a “Shared Social-Self” in contrast to compliance and silos. “Cooperation has carried us this far in our journey… whether this fairy tale has a happy ending is up to us.“ N. Raihani, The Social Instinct


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